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Ningbo Haitian International Trade & Forwarding Co., Ltd belongs Shipping (Nine), is an experienced, professional team of high level of import services, the actual operation of the department in 1996, is a total professional staff of 45 people, including holding the declaration inspection certificates, 18 were long engaged in import and export clearance services, customs clearance and accumulated rich practical experience. Specializing in bulk materials (including scrap metal, waste plastics, crude oil, raw cotton, etc.) • Plants • Chemical import declaration. Division consists of the container fleet (owned trucks, 18) and the warehouse, import and export goods devoted to the provision of transport, storage, loading and unloading services. To ensure clearance from the import, transport, handling, to storage of one-stop service. Greatly improve the efficiency and convenience of the customer.
        Good company, fast, standardized professional services have been customer and customs inspection and other related departments widely recognized. In 2005, the Department and the Zhenhai Chemical Industrial Park Administrative Committee, Zhenhai Customs, enterprises in the park together to create 'four mechanisms' for the chemical industry enterprises in the park to facilitate the import and export logistics. To this end, the Department set up in Zhenhai Customs office for processing trade enterprises in Zhenhai and bulk cargo import business to provide quality services.

* Part of the large resource of long service import customers:
China National Cotton Reserves Corporation (raw cotton) Zhenhai Refining & Chemical (crude oil) Ningbo Jinlong Copper Industry Co., Ltd. (copper scrap) Da Ningbo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (pulp) Akzo Nobel Peroxides (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. ( chemicals) Zhejiang Huafeng Group Co., Ltd. (Chemicals) Sinopec fuel supply ship in the Sea Limited (fuel oil) Beifa Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Golden Eagle Co., Ltd. and so on.

* Plant a full set of transport services, customs clearance for imports of equipment cases:
Ningbo Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Ningbo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Ta, (500 companies) Akzo Nobel Chemicals (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.; ethylene amines Akzo Nobel (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. and so on. Land and sea transport large equipment cases: ethylene amines Akzo Nobel (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. of 400 tons of ethylene oxide reactor.

Ocean nine service points
Beilun Customs, Daxie Customs, Zhenhai Customs, Bonded Customs, Customs Zone, Ningbo Airport Customs, Pudong Airport Customs. In each of the relevant district offices in each terminal or customs field are specifically responsible for handling the stack.

Shipping nine members:



Office Phone


Shibo Li


86 574 8386 3300


Xiaojun Chen

Assistant Manager

86 574 8386 3338


Zhijie Zhou

Assistant Manager

86 574 8386 3311


Wu Han

Shipping center director

86 574 8386 3309


Xu Jun

Deputy Head of the document

86 574 8386 3301


Sun Jian

Director of Liaison Department

86 574 8386 3315


Wang Hua

Director of Beilun

86 574 8386 3319


Lila Yu

Deputy director of maritime center

86 574 8386 3324


Yufeng Ye

Deputy Head of Beilun

86 574 8386 3328


Ding Qiang

Zhenhai Head

86 574 8386 3332


Wang Jing

Head of Finance

86 574 8386 3322


Qiangcheng Zhu

Customer Service Department

86 574 8386 3306


Shipping (Nine) distribution offices:
Ningbo Headquarters
Address: No. 90 Changchun Road, Ningbo (Ningbo Customs east, Southview e House 2 House)
Zip Code: 315000
Tel : 86-574-83863333 document Tel: 83863301 ~ 3305
Fax : 86-574-87147147

Shipping center, offices
Address: 6th Floor, Maritime Centre, Room 6007
Tel : 86-574--87938732, 87938733 Fax : 86-574--87938736

Beilun Office
Address: 816, Beilun clearance center
Zip Code: 315000
Tel : 86-574-27688091, 27688092 Fax : 86-574-27688090

Zhenhai Office
Address: 2nd Floor, Zhenhai Customs
Zip Code: 315000
Tel : 86-574-86270076 Fax : 86-574-86270805

Truck fleet and warehouses
Address: Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone, No. 128 Xiaogang Village Xing Ao
Zip Code: 315000
Tel : 86-574-86228016 Fax : 86-574-86225999

Shipping nine warehouse map:
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